Deep Innovation

Neurodivergence is at the core of creativity (slides, in-depth webinar). Striving to be popular is incompatible with being creative. This is either the truth… or it is a case of autistic black and white thinking.


Neurodivergent people and teams:

  • Adhere to idiosyncratic moral value systems rather than social norms
  • Are okay with exploring ideas that upset the “social order”
  • Spend much more time experimenting and implementing ideas that others would consider crazy or a waste of time
  • Have untypical life goals: new forms of understanding, making a positive impact, translating ideas into artistic expression
  • Autists in particular have unusually developed pattern recognition abilities and an unusual ability to persevere

In the Asch conformity paradigm, autistic people were found to resist changing their spontaneous judgement to an array of graphic lines despite social pressure to change by conforming to the erroneous judgement of an authoritative confederate.

The unConference on Interdisciplinary Innovation and Collaboration (CIIC) recognises neurodivergence as the substrate for innovation and offers a neurodiversity friendly environment for tackling challenges that go beyond the established framework of research in industry, government and academia.


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