Michael Hawes


I am a 62 year old married father of two and this poem is from the second quarter of my auttrail.

Lone wolf howls
Hearts melodies
In time to tears
One with the rain
Birds fly at the first chord
Only his mate
Can translate onto love
What all others find frightening
Winter comes – Wolf holds out
Understanding true cold
He looks up at Moon
She must have seen
His accomplishments this day
Her light illuminates the place
He has saved within
Long ago he wandered
Through unfamiliar trees
Crossed streams
Too young then to mark his path
He is now to old to return
Where he first stood in awe
Under Moon
Far from fear
She commanded his instinct
Voicelessly demanded respect
Colours pulsed inside
Then fanned out as spectres
Through dark green branches
Day came and movement
Was the only meaning to life
In her absence
Each time the sparks die again
In the Mystery
She finds the place
He has curled up to rest
Her light follows till it overcomes
He rises on tired limbs
As all is erased by a magnetism
That pulls feeling from every root-branch
Of his awareness
Swelling in time to the ocean
This breath of the heart rises
Full to his throat
An orgasm in reverse
Once more he howls
His ears hear only the night wind
Moon hears his questions
Why do you come? Why do you follow? Why can’t I touch you?
Emptied now, he sleeps
He must find where she goes
When Sun captures her soft light
He must catch her and see
If she will take up his road
Share his feasts
Endure his famines
Bathing all in bewildering soft
When Sun dissolves into day
What has warmed the night
And made it understandable
Lone wolf howls
Hearts memories
In time beyond tears
After the rain
Birds fly at the first chord

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Michael Hawes

15 May 2019