Creating neurodiversity friendly work environments in the healthcare sector

In the healthcare sector in New Zealand S23M is working with healthcare professionals to facilitate a sector wide anti-bullying initiative that presents neurodiversity as a key element towards addressing the problem.

The HiNZ workshop in November 2018 brought together a committed group of healthcare professionals from across the country and represents a first milestone on the journey to transforming the workplace culture in the healthcare sector in New Zealand.

The resulting agreement on the need for action is encouraging. We are collaborating and sharing experiences via web based tools and online meetings, and coordinate concrete steps towards creating psychologically safe places and an inclusive culture within our respective organisations.


If you work in the healthcare sector and would like to get involved in creating neurodiversity friendly work environments, please email Jorn Bettin, or join us online at Transforming workplace culture in healthcare on

If you find yourself in a work environment where you frequently have to mask or tend to be penalised for taking risks, making mistakes, raising problems, asking questions, or disagreeing with your colleagues, you are in an unsafe environment.

You can use the Bullying Alert System on this website to report the context of your situation in anonymised form.

The upcoming HiNZ workshop in November 2019 in Hamilton builds on the results to date. We welcome your participation and contributions!