Strengthening the local neurodiversity movement in Auckland, New Zealand

In order to progress beyond basic awareness of neurodiversity, and in order to address some of the dangerous misconceptions that many people still have in relation to autism, a small group of collaborative autists will start coordinating:

  1. Regular meetings to offer mutual support for neurodivergent families and individuals
  2. Public panel discussions between autistic people, including Q&A with the audience, to present a realistic non-pathologising picture of autism, and to educate the public about the autistic perspective on living in a neurotypical world

We are currently discussing the logistics with AUT. These events will be an opportunity for students, staff, and the general public to learn more about neurodiversity and autism, and also about the connection between neurodiversity and human creativity.

We are conscious of the current level of discrimination against autistic people. You can participate in the meetings and panel discussions without publicly disclosing your identity. If you would like to get involved, please email Jorn Bettin.

A schedule of events and updates will be published on this page.