Psychological safety baseline database

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The S23M team is incrementally building a global database of anonymous baseline data on psychological safety in the workplace via an ongoing online survey. The emerging data is of particular interest for neurodivergent people and other marginalised groups who are experiencing bullying and more or less subtle forms of discrimination at work.

We will share the results and collaborate with researchers who focus on psychological safety, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The survey data will also be a valuable source of relevant background information for the following services and projects:

  1. Employer rating service for inclusiveness and psychological safety
  2. Neurodiversity documentary 2020
  3. Creating neurodiversity friendly work environments in the healthcare sector

You can assist our effort by participating in the survey, and by encouraging your friends to participate in the survey. The survey only takes between 2 to 5 minutes to complete and is accessible here.

Please note:

  • The survey is completely anonymous, without requesting any identifiable information about specific companies or individuals, so there is no risk for organisations or individuals to find themselves exposed in “below average” territory.
  • The most effective way to encourage participation in the survey may be via informal channels and trusted personal relationships that sidestep top level management and human resource departments, which are often forced to perpetuate the party line that “everything is under control”.