For Employers

We all thrive when being given the opportunity to work with our most trusted peers. In a good company everyone is acutely aware of all the collective intelligence, capability, and creativity that is available in the form of trusted colleagues, friends, and family.

The Autistic Collaboration Trust in collaboration with S23M and the Design Justice Network assists organisations that are committed to providing an inclusive and culturally and psychologically safe workplace. For systematic education, we are curating timeless concepts for nurturing and describing ecologies of care.

The course Introduction to the Neurodiversity Paradigm and Intersectionality is an interactive “deep dive” into neurodiversity and autistic culture. It is creative, collaborative, and goes beyond the usual medical and workplace neurodiversity ideas. Very refreshing to take part in CPD catering to different learning and communication styles. It was the most fun I’ve had in CPD this year! The course book is beautiful.

Dr Sarah Bernard FRACP, Australia

Safe environments allow organisations and individuals to find their niches and thrive in the world. We invite you to collaborate with the Autistic community to discover deeper forms of collaboration.


  1. Communal definition of Autistic ways of being
  2. Introduction to Autistic ways of being
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Autistic Collaboration TV


  1. Education in the ND paradigm, the ND movement, and Autistic culture
  2. Creative Collaboration = multisolving + neurodiversity + thinking tools
  3. Intersectional community powered employee wellbeing support
  4. Bullying alert system for employees
  5. Psychological safety baseline data collection
  6. Te Hapori Whai Takiwātanga o Aotearoa, Aotearoa

Campaigns / projects

  1. Ban of conversion therapies
  2. A mosaic of Autistic lenses
  3. Appreciation of neurodiversity in the education sector
  4. #TakeTheMaskOff, an international campaign dedicated to masking
  5. Me.Decoded
  6. Strengthening the local neurodiversity movement, Auckland, Aotearoa


  1. On the ND paradigm, the ND movement, and Autistic culture
  2. On Autistic wellbeing