Aut Collab is a community that welcomes all individuals and groups who fully appreciate the value of neurodiversity. If you are looking for an index of collaborative autists, aspies, and neurodivergent ventures, you have come to the right place.

Aut Collab acts as a hub for mutual support, and encourages neurodivergent individuals and ventures to connect and establish long-term collaborations.

One of the persistent negative stereotypes is that we are poor at collaboration. I am on a mission to demonstrate the opposite. Collaboration can take many forms, and different people have different needs and preferences. Aspies and autists learn and play differently, and only have a limited if any interest in competitive social games. We communicate and enjoy ourselves by sharing information and knowledge, and not by negotiating social status.
– Jorn Bettin

No serious discussion on the topic of innovation, learning, and collaboration can afford to ignore the relevance of neurodiversity.


Discrimination against autistic people is comparable to the level of discrimination against homosexuals 50 years ago. The pathologisation of autism has led to what some critical researchers refer to as the autism industrial complex.

Over the last two decades it has become increasingly clear that autistic cognitive lenses are apparently an essential element in all human societies, especially in the context of innovation and in terms of reducing spurious complexity in human culture.

It is time to liberate autism from the pathology paradigm. This can only be achieved if autists take ownership of the definition of autism, provide mutual support to each other, and share their experience of human cultures through an autistic lens from a first hand perspective.

Aspies and autists are often noted for their their honesty, their naivety, and their inability to be exploitative. The lack of self-promotional ability is typically at odds with cultural expectations. In this context Aut Collab aims to offer practical assistance and guidance – from neurodivergent individuals and ventures to others who are struggling or suffering in a hyper-competitive neurotypical world.