Divergent Minds

Neurodivergent individuals committed to autistic collaboration:

If you would like to be added to the list, please get in touch with relevant details. Don’t worry if you are not yet part of a NeurodiVenture or autistic community – or not “successful” according to conventional “cultural norms”. Joining Aut Collab may be the first step towards meeting the right kind of people to collaborate with!

  1. Alan Miles, New Zealand, is the owner of Amba, co-organiser of CIIC, and has developed three operating systems, an internet-like protocol (late 1970’s), distributed monitoring systems (including elements of AI, mid 1980’s), as well as an ERP product.
  2. Christa Holmans, United States, is a writer and artist, and the owner of Neurodivergent Consulting. She works with companies to highlight problem areas and to establish policies and company cultures that are genuinely inclusive.
  3. Ghica van Emde Boas , The Netherlands, had a career of 30 years with IBM. After retirement she was IT Architect for large Java projects and for Web applications in PHP. Currently she volunteers as MIT App Inventor 2 power user, to help students and non-programmers to create Android apps. She has many years of experience in database design, Object Technology, teaching object-oriented analysis and design, and mentoring projects using Smalltalk, Java or PHP. She wrote several books in Dutch about PHP and MySQL.
  4. Jorn Bettin, New Zealand, is a partner and founder at S23M, an employee owned innovation consulting practice, as well as co-organiser of CIIC, member of ASC Waiheke, and a pioneer of model driven knowledge engineering.
  5. Judy Singer, Australia, is a sociologist who coined the term neurodiversity in her thesis in 1998, and is the originator of the neurodiversity movement.
  6. Kieran Rose, United Kingdom, who runs The Autistic Cooperative with over 60 member organisations and 600 individual members from all over the world.
  7. Mark Boyes, Australia, is the Creative Director of Knowledge Ink, lecturer of innovation at RMITs Graduate School of Business and Law, Organisational Zoo ambassador, published artist and technology specialist. Mark is the proud father of an autistic son, who doesn’t fit the mould but is looking forward to the day the mould is broken.
  8. Nick Walker, United States, is an author, speaker, transdisciplinary neurodiversity scholar and aikido teacher, as well as co-founder of the worker-owned publishing house Autonomous Press.
  9. Peter Crosbie, France, is a successful keyboard player and songwriter (gold album), musical director, composer, producer, engineer and mix engineer. He gives lectures and workshops on songwriting and recording and writes about The Autism Advantage.
  10. Scotia, France, is a passionate researcher of the brain and social psychology. When she found out about the famous experiments conducted by Milgram, Asch and Bushman, her research focus and studies shifted specifically towards people with an atypical cognitive lens. Scotia is also actively involved in the autistic community.
  11. Star Ford, United States, the author of A Field Guide To Earthlings, facilitated a support group for autistic adults, and works for Divergent Labs, a non-profit dedicated to full autistic inclusion.

Given the discrimination that you may face in society, we fully understand if you prefer to be listed using a pseudonym. Our aim is to enable neurodivergent individuals to be able to connect and support each other – without having to go through institutions that are steeped in the pathology paradigm.