Intersectional Safety

Intersectional cultural and psychological safety across all aspects of life

The level of ignorance, stigma, and open hostility that Autistic people regularly have to deal with is traumatising. Encouragingly, committed allies of the neurodiversity movement, such as Dr. Zoe Raos (Te Āti Awa), a gastroenterologist in Waitematā, Tāmaki Makaurau, are starting to speak up about the lack of cultural and psychological safety for Autistic people.

For the last few years has been active in investigating the cultural and psychological safety of workplaces from an intersectional perspective, including an explicit focus on neurodivergence.

We are now taking a step further, in the context of cultural and psychological safety of Autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people across all aspects in their lives. This related article provides further context.

Project team

  • Jorn Bettin, anthropologist by birth and knowledge archaeologist,
    Autistic Collaboration Trust
  • Ülkü Mazlum, artist,
    Autistic Collaboration Trust
  • Allies with a focus on Autistic well-being and a holistic perspective on healthcare
  • The many wonderful Autistic people who are contributing to this project by submitting lived experience reports and via participation in related surveys

Results to date

The results of this intersectional transdisciplinary research initiative are being published by the Autistic Collaboration Trust, and inform the professional education services we provide to the healthcare sector, the education sector, governments, and private sector organisations.



  1. Professional education courses for healthcare professionals, educators, and employers
  2. Repository of Autistic lived experience for healthcare professionals
  3. Autistic trauma peer support
  4. Independent community powered oversight of intersectional cultural and psychological safety in the workplace and specifically in healthcare organisations

Relevant domains and disciplines

Human rights, disability studies, queer studies, ecologies of care / mutual aid networks, design justice, trauma psychology, Autistic ways of being, neurology, stress related dis-eases, anthropology, sociology, cultural evolution, politics of information, collective learning, creative collaboration, visual and non-linear languages

Participating organisations

  1. Autistic Collaboration Trust
  2. S23M Healthcare Solutions (sponsor)

Contribute your lived experience

This research programme depends on the breadth and depth of lived Autistic and otherwise neurodivergent experience that we can draw on. Autistic and otherwise neurodivergent and marginalised people are invited to contribute their lived experience.

Intersectional safety

How often are you afraid to be your authentic self?

You are invited to participate in this 5 minute anonymous survey.

Lived experience

You can submit a lived experience report below. As needed, you can can remain entirely anonymous to protect yourself from harm and further stigma. All contributions are greatly appreciated.