The world needs more Autistic research: research that no one else is prepared to do, research that genuinely questions the status quo, and that would not be possible without the commitment, the perseverance, and the tireless efforts of Autistic people.

The Autistic Collaboration Trust partners with Autistic and otherwise neurodivergent researchers on an organically evolving range of topics that are relevant to Autistic people and the ecosystems that we are part of.

We actively encourage transdisciplinary collaboration between researchers via:

  • joint proposals of new research topics
  • assistance in establishing Autistic project teams
  • co-authoring of articles and books to publish results
  • Autistic peer review of publications
  • collaborations with universities who share the concerns of Autistic researchers

Research projects

  1. Intersectionality and neurodiversity around the world
  2. Intersectional cultural and psychological safety across all aspects of life
  3. Communication in healthcare settings
  4. Filtering, collaboration, thinking, and learning tools for the next 200 years
  5. Understanding, tools, strategies, and methods required to effectively address Anthropogenic Climate Change
  6. What Autistic research are you involved in or would you like to see? Join us!

Our allies

  1. Global Autistic Task Force on Autism Research
  2. Healthcare professionals and patients with a focus on Autistic well-being and a holistic perspective on healthcare

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