Understanding, tools, strategies, and methods required to effectively address Anthropogenic Climate Change

An “inverse School Strike” to provide the understanding, tools, strategies, and methods required to effectively address Anthropogenic Climate Change (ACC)*

This project contains what was formerly a “PhD Innovation” project and thesis titled:

Monitoring and Manipulating Freshwater Microalgae Communities to facilitate “Ecologically Responsible Geoengineering**” (ERG) and address major causes of Anthropogenic Climate Change

(*) all ACC, not just the enhanced greenhouse effect

(**) Not “band aid” geoengineering

Project team

  • Robert (Bob) Samuel Baker, Bachelor of Natural Resources with first class honours

Results to date


Developing an integrated renewable energy, water supply and carbon management system in Australia as an alternative to fossil fuelled systems
Samuel Baker
Honours thesis, University of New England, Australia

Work in progress

An “inverse School Strike” to provide the understanding, tools, strategies, and methods required to effectively address Anthropogenic Climate Change (ACC)
Samuel Baker
Part 1


This is a partial introduction to a project that encompasses the 4.5 billion evolution of our now living climate system or “biosphere” as it compensates for increasing solar output until a certain cultural aberration arose in a group or groups of humans 12,000 odd years ago began to destroy our living climate system and evolved into the terminal distorted Darwinian travesty that will guarantee our extinction unless it is stopped and reformed now.

My project also encompasses all major destructive actions we have collectively inflicted on our biosphere and how to address the lot in a coherent viable fashion that will give humanity an optimal chance of surviving beyond the next decade or two and provides novel tools and methods to address the complex mess and “Restore the quality of Our Environment” as suggested in the 1965 report with that title which clearly spelled out all of the problems everyone pretends to be ignorant of or who has just discovered but can apparently do nothing about because addressing the problems is anathema to systems designed to facilitate destructive exploitation. I can tell and show people exactly what must be done to restore our Earth to a survivable state and have been able to do so since before I commenced 60,000 odd hours of focused study which is incorporated into the “project” which I began in 2004.

But I must first overcome many obstacles to get past the defences of egos I struggle to understand so I am framing my initial introduction as a letter to an independent politician who has put his body, reputation and social comfort in danger and courageously confronted the monstrous behemoth of the fossil fuel industry which must have its social licence to operate be withdrawn by a mass awakening of citizens who demand the rapid cessation of its use and restoration of functional living Earth systems. But that cannot occur while the vast majority of citizens are trapped in denial facilitated by propaganda and the legends of our society that confine human minds in dysfunctional egos and encourage them to be proud of their artificially indoctrinated limitations so they can be happy subjects of exploitation in an artificial power gradient designed to maximise the wealth of those at the top of whatever destructive anthropocentric patriarchal hierarchical cult/s they are born into.

Denial is the first obstacle that must be overcome if the reader wishes to survive. I have found it impossible to explain reality to anyone in denial especially when humans are trained to take the easiest path to “happiness” and pay day. Thus when I received a reply from the most likely “normal” person who assists the Honourable Senator Pocock it indicated that he had read the first few lines, saw that I was in a different electorate and trashed my email and attachments just like nearly all of my attempts to engage people with addressing that which will cause them increasing suffering and extinction have been trashed since 2004 in many ways. I should probably apologise to box ticking assistant for my immediate angry reply and might once, he was only ticking boxes as we were all trained to do, and his boss is overworked and our lovely BAU government cut independents staffing allowances in half.

However, my work is globally significant to every human alive and their descendants but has been aggressively ignored by nearly every citizen and academic I have tried to engage with since 2004 except for the Honourable Tony Windsor ex MP and the late great John Kaye NSW Greens MLC and a few others to a degree but not to the depth required. Tony did his best but was bought down by the mob and the apathetic gutless apathy and denial that prevail and which must be addressed before reforms are possible. Senator Pocock will encounter many variations of the impenetrable mob egos and this document should aid his efforts.

And my experiences as a lone human with occasional help confronting the near impenetrable delusions of the masses should be very helpful if they are understood by reading and asking about them rather than learning the very hard way as I have. So this first partial introduction mainly outlines my project for which I have drawn on my whole life experience and encompassed all of my focused undergraduate research which went far beyond basic requirements, and my honours thesis which encompassed how to make Australia’s energy and water supplies carbon negative and directly mitigate climate change in all Australia – not just Canberra or my back yard, I am not a NIMBY and my correspondence was for our Earths sake, I am more of a not in anyone’s back yard type of person. Nimbys are not helpful now so I hope Senator Pocock’s assistant reads this fully too because despite popular legends we are all part of the problem by design and birth and you could help your boss greatly by making an effort to understand the obstacles we face and show a bit of initiative yourself – there is no neutral ground on this, we are either part of the problem or make an effort to be part of the solution so please try a bit harder, I know none of us are perfect and you are under stress.

The assistant’s priorities and training are common obstacles. And my initial effort to contact one who is aware and cares was blocked by someone trained to operate within the systems we are encouraged to cow tow to and slavishly support and most people struggle to see beyond the delusions that form the egos that confine minds and make them docile self-limiting and other limiting (thanks, not) serfs of a terminal system of exploitation which must be reformed but cannot be reformed by those trapped in egos designed to make them serve a structurally unjust rigged “competition” where humans are forced to squabble over shrinking resources and idiots jet about and play with superyachts and rockets while trashing our planet and delaying real action with promises of “magic bullets” which might help a bit but many would do more damage than they purport to address when used in the wrong locations and some “magic bullets” like stratospheric albedo modification will guarantee our destruction. There are better ways and I covered some of those in my honours thesis which if it had been constructed would have possibly stopped the 2019 infernos from occurring and would have certainly provided the means to minimise the damage. But few bother to read it, they prefer to shoot the messenger.

Your boss and you if you choose to muster enough initiative to help save your future and family will encounter denial and rejection over and over in people who begin to seem like Zombie drones when pushed from their tiny comfort zones and vindictive backstabbing Vogons when those drones in denial are in positions of box ticking power and you will find that all the boxes support the status quo and you will probably become worn down by the atomised apathy where all useful information dies in the vacuous void of the sabotaged minds of our corrupted decaying culture.

To be fair, many box tickers are very concerned even to the point of caring – a verb but most are terribly constrained and have families to care for in an increasingly difficult world for ordinary people. That stress is no accident, the drones were conned into selling their kids and sovereignty out to the globalised flat Earth market and are suffering under deliberately engineered scarcity which benefits billionaires greatly but is destroying communities and our Earth.

But we could do much better of people can overcome their exceptional delusions of separation from and “superiority” to our family of Earth’s life and this partial introduction attempts to shatter those delusions before reality shatters them forever.

I must also clarify and expand the deliberately corrupted academic dogs breakfast of definitions and comprehension of words and concepts like “Anthropogenic Climate Change” (ACC) and “Global Warming” and “geoengineering” and “terraforming” and navigate the flat Earth economic cultist delusions and a myriad of other misconceptions and unexamined assumptions before I can get the reader on the same biogeophysical page our planet exists in so reality can be understood to a utilitarian degree.

And provide some confidence in my interpretations so that a reader who wants to understand but is paralysed with the terror of discarding their delusions and processing the guilt that previous destructive indulgences might inspire if viewed objectively and to consider overcoming all of the ties that bind their minds in the subjective myopic egos our dysfunctional world imprints on our beings.

So, to inspire some confidence that I might actually know what must be done I have also included a resume of sorts because I know that most punters prefer to play the man and ignore the ball – which is our Earth in this case, so they can drag me into their favourite sandpit and rub it in my face and I have had more than enough of that so I will outline a larger sandpit and see how the one trick apologists go in that – I have found that few are prepared to enter that sandpit even though we all live in it together, those egos need to be cured or fired, too many lazy parasites are being rewarded for worse than nothing.

But we are trained to be polite and are conformist herd creatures so challenging the mob can be excruciatingly difficult but after discarding possibly a quarter of a million words in an effort to present confrontational truths in polite form I have decided that it is impossible to be polite and discuss things that threaten world views which is another obstacle that becomes weaponised against people like me or anyone the mob wishes to reject, and will use any excuse to reject immediately to protect the status quo. But the status quo will kill us.

And anyone who tries to be a “tall poppy” or appears to threaten comfortable mediocrity is torn down by the mob trained to police itself with promptings from commercial propaganda.

We live in a biosphere subject to laws of physics which cannot be broken and are part of a global ecosystem of ecosystems we are totally dependent on for our lives, but most minds are trapped within the confines of an artificial economic system that ignores biogeophysical reality and is designed to exploit nature and humanity for the benefit of a tiny fraction of humanity and the impoverishment and destruction of everything and everyone else.

I know how difficult it is to confront the mob and individuals in it, I have been doing it for 19 years and the cumulative stress has nearly destroyed me several times and I am now a pariah living rough camped on a good man’s property who understands what it is like to be an outsider, still trying to finish my project which also contains two or three PhDs worth of hard Earth/Human systems Science and engineering which no one wanted when I insisted on correcting IPCC and FAO and other data and analyses and challenged the status quo in many diverse ways as I discovered that our universities are part of the problem as are nearly all of our institutions and a critical diagnosis of those dysfunctions is also required.

I set out to fully understand and devise solutions to the many known and ignored problems that will destroy our biosphere as my sole priority and have done so to a large degree, I have worked out how to optimally address all of the major problems but can do nothing while everyone pretends there is no problem or the rocket men will solve it, that bs has been going on my whole life and will be examined in this challenging partial introduction.

And I include an introduction titled: “Introduction part 1: The Evolution of Our Climate System and the “birth” of Gaia*” which begins with 3 pages on how Lovelock’s “Gaia” was torn down by one trick wonders in the artificially divided spheres of scientific influence otherwise known as “disciplines” which reflect human power structures rather than our Earth and so I have had to bridge gaps between disciplines as well as correct data such as I can with the resources and sources I can access. And that section also discusses how my opinion of the worth of Lovelocks work was diminished in my mind by my preconceptions regarding his advocacy for nuclear power which I do not fully share, and hostile media etc, no one is perfect but if we do not try to do better than we currently are we will all perish within a decade or two.

The current level of mainstream discussion and understanding of our dire existential crises is woefully inadequate and fragmented and makes effective discussion of real problems and utilitarian integrated solutions almost impossible, thus the need for this partial introduction which attempts to shatter delusions that trap the minds of most people. Reform cannot occur until reality is faced, no one will be excused from perishing horribly if the current functional ignorance and stupidity and illusory exceptionalism prevails.

We yet have a chance to save our biosphere but we must cooperate and act appropriately and coherently and profoundly reform nearly all human systems to complement and enhance our biosphere/climate system.

But the first obstacle that must be overcome is in the minds of the vast majority of citizens and especially in the minds of our “leaders” who have become little more than people managers for the cult of the globalised economy nested within the terminal cult of the warrior and the rest of the legends that divide human minds from biogeophysical reality.

The reader will probably have to wear harsh reality if it is not faced and effectively addressed now and those who cling to their crumbling dreams will be totally unprepared for when those dreams are shattered which will happen soon if docile ignorance prevails.

Trying to confront the mob with the truth has cost me almost everything people commonly value and this has been excruciatingly difficult to write, pushing for reform is not easy and although it should be much easier to read than write it may still be impossible for many to read my attempt to shatter delusions, that is necessarily confrontational. But please read my “Introduction part 1: The Evolution of Our Climate System and the “birth” of Gaia*” and “Part 2: Our planet” and “Ecological factors that affect ecosystems (climate systems) functions & evolution” and “After the GOE (great oxidation event)” and “Conclusion (of part 1)” which spans from page 37 to 55 as currently numbered, editing things people refuse to read has become impossibly tiresome– 17 pages anyway, not confrontational.

And please check out my diagrams, some of which could be considered confrontational and if the reader would rather read the work of better writers and work it all out themselves the reference list would be a great start and I shall recommend a few key references here:

The 2000 edition of James Lovelock’s “Gaia the practical science of planetary medicine” and Malin Faulkenmark and Johann Rockstrom’s 2004 book “Balancing Water for Humans and Nature: the new approach in Ecohydrology” and Naomi Klein’s 2014 or 2015 edition of “This changes Everything” and many of Professor Clive McAlpines papers which will give the reader a good start on understanding our climate system so one can stop damaging it and repair it, simple, but better hurry.

A partial introduction is necessary because it is very difficult to summarise 60,000 hours of diverse focused study informed by a lifetimes observations from an outsiders perspective which covers many things people prefer to ignore and might not even be able to comprehend in some details, none of us can understand everything but most people could understand much more if they tried, I hope.

And I recommend an article by Jackson Damien titled:

FASTER THAN EXPECTED…why most climate scientists can’t tell the truth (in public)

I link to this well written article, as the reader might not like my writing style, which has degraded under cumulative complex compound traumatic stress, but where there is life there is hope.

Summary of abstract: this is a partial introduction to a project for which I have created an “inverse school strike” format to present, which like this abstract, is very unusual – it encompasses all the major problems we must face and how to deal with them to give humanity an optimal chance of survival beyond a decade or two.

For our Earth.

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