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Members of the neurodiversity movement recognise neurodivergent traits as natural variations of cognition, motivations, and patterns of behaviour within the human species.

NeurodiVenture : an inclusive non-hierarchical organisation operated by neurodivergent people that provides a safe and nurturing environment for divergent thinking, creativity, exploration, and collaborative niche construction.

NeurodiVerse : human scale cultures created by neurodiversity within the human species

  • (a) the universe of NeurodiVentures
  • (b) the set of all neurodivergent people

You can also view a 40-minute webinar that walks through the above presentation and that contains a few further observations not mentioned in the slides.

Don’t worry if you are not yet part of a NeurodiVenture or autistic community. Joining Aut Collab as an individual may be the first step towards meeting the right kind of people to collaborate with!

If you are interested in establishing a NeurodiVenture or in implementing a neurodiversity friendly operating model within your company, the open source operating model template from S23M may be a useful starting point. The S23M team has 18 years of international operational experience, including 8 years of operating as an employee owned NeurodiVenture.

This article provides further context on the origins of the NeurodiVenture model, and this short Q&A video from economist Richard Wolff explains why employee ownership is essential for creating inclusive workplaces.

Examples of neurodivergent ventures and teams committed to autistic collaboration:

  1. AIKIDO SHUSEKAI, United States
  2. Amba, New Zealand
  3. Autism Dialogue, United Kingdom
  4. Autism-Informed Therapy Institute, Ireland
  5. Autism Rights Group Highland, United Kingdom
  6. Autistic Collaboration Trust, New Zealand, Australia, US, UK
  7. Autistic Mutual Aid Society Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  8. Autistic Peer Leadership Group (ApLEG), United States
  9. Autonomous Press, United States
  10. Divergent Labs, United States
  11. Existential Autist, United Kingdom
  12. ICTrust, Switzerland
  13. National Autistic Taskforce, United Kingdom
  14. Neuro Diverse Self Advocacy, United Kingdom
  15. Neurodivergent Consulting, United States
  16. Nicnac Podcast Network, United States
  17. Paper Dog Ltd, New Zealand
  18. Participatory Autism Research Collective, United Kingdom
  19. SOLA SIBLINGS, United Kingdom
  20. Stimpunks, United States
  21. S23M – Collaboration for Life, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe
  22. The Future is ND, United Kingdom
  23. 3 Bee Data Systems, United States
  24. … If you would like your organisation to be added to the list, please get in touch with relevant details.