NeurodiVenture : an inclusive non-hierarchical organisation operated by neurodivergent people that provides a safe and nurturing environment for divergent thinking, creativity, exploration, and collaborative niche construction.

Don’t worry if you are not yet part of a NeurodiVenture or autistic community. Joining Aut Collab as an individual may be the first step towards meeting the right kind of people to collaborate with!

Examples of neurodivergent ventures and teams committed to autistic collaboration:

  1. AIKIDO SHUSEKAI, United States
  2. Amba, New Zealand
  3. Autonomous Press, United States
  4. Divergent Labs, United States
  5. Knowledge Ink, Australia
  6. Neurodivergent Consulting, United States
  7. S23M, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe
  8. … If you would like your organisation to be added to the list, please get in touch with relevant details.