Services and Projects

Members of the neurodiversity movement recognise neurodivergent traits – including but not limited to ADHD, Autistic ways of being, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Synesthesia, Tourette’s Syndrome – as natural variations of cognition, motivations, and patterns of behaviour within the human species.

The Autistic Collaboration Trust is formally committed to never charge Autistic individuals and their families for any services delivered.

Below is a growing index of community services and peer support initiatives that are designed to progress the neurodiversity movement and encourage the formation of new Autistic collaborations and NeurodiVentures. The Autistic Collaboration Trust actively coordinates several of these services and projects and refers to further aligned regional or local services, peer support initiatives, and campaigns.

Coordination of related activities occurs in dedicated project specific online workspaces. Please use the form below if you would like to participate in / contribute to one or more of these services and projects.

Peer Support

Centres of Autistic culture:

  1. Global index
  2. Oceania
  3. Africa
  4. Europe
  5. Asia
  6. Americas

Education and Support

  1. Communal definition of Autistic ways of being
  2. Introduction to Autistic ways of being
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Education in the ND paradigm, the ND movement, and Autistic culture
  5. Autistic communities in public libraries
  6. For healthcare professionals
  7. For educators
  8. For employers
  9. For parents



If you are aware of further initiatives in any part of the world that should be included in this index, please use the form below to provide relevant details for inclusion. You can also use the form to inquire about joining any of the projects listed above.