This is a growing index of projects that are designed to progress the neurodiversity movement and to encourage the formation of new autistic collaborations and neurodiventures.

  1. 2019: A communal definition of autism
  2. From 2018: A mosaic of autistic lenses
  3. From 2015: Seeding autistic collaborations in New Zealand and Australia
  4. 2018: #TakeTheMaskOff, an international campaign dedicated to masking
  5. From 2018: Activism and protests by Autistic Inclusive Meets in the UK
  6. From 2018: Promoting neurodiversity friendly work environments in the healthcare sector in New Zealand
  7. From 2018: Strengthening the local neurodiversity movement in Auckland, New Zealand


If you are aware of further initiatives in any part of the world that should be included in this index, please use the form below to provide relevant details for inclusion.