The Autistic Collaboration Trust is formally committed to never charge Autistic individuals and their families for any services delivered.

Below is a growing index of Autistic peer support initiatives and Autistic community projects that are designed to progress the neurodiversity movement and to encourage the formation of new Autistic collaborations and NeurodiVentures. The Autistic Collaboration Trust actively coordinates several of these services and projects and refers to further aligned regional or local services and campaigns.

Coordination of related activities occurs in dedicated project specific online workspaces. Please use the form below if you would like to participate in / contribute to one or more of these services and projects.

Services and centres of Autistic culture

  1. Communal definition of Autistic ways of being
  2. Education in the ND paradigm, the ND movement, and autistic culture
  3. Bullying alert system for employees
  4. Employer rating service for inclusiveness and psychological safety
  5. Autistic trauma peer support
  6. Psychological safety baseline data collection
  7. Autistic Collaboration TV
  8. Autism Dialogue, United Kingdom
  9. Autistic Mutual Aid Society Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  10. Autism Rights Group Highland, United Kingdom
  11. Edinburgh & Lothian Asperger Society, United Kingdom
  12. Existential Autist, United Kingdom
  13. National Autistic Taskforce, United Kingdom
  14. Neuro Diverse Self Advocacy, United Kingdom
  15. Participatory Autism Research Collective, United Kingdom
  16. The Future is ND, United Kingdom
  17. Autism-Informed Therapy Institute, Ireland
  18. Autistic Collaboration Trust, Aotearoa New Zealand and global
  19. Neuroclastic, United States and global
  20. Neurodivergent Infinity Network of Educators, Canada and global
  21. Translation of content, global

Campaigns / projects

  1. Ban of conversion therapies
  2. A mosaic of Autistic lenses
  3. Autistic communities in public libraries
  4. Appreciation of neurodiversity in the education sector
  5. Appreciation of neurodiversity in the healthcare sector
  6. Neurodiversity documentary
  7. The Autistic English Dictionary
  8. #TakeTheMaskOff, an international campaign dedicated to masking
  9. Me.Decoded
  10. Activism and protests by Autistic Inclusive Meets, UK



If you are aware of further initiatives in any part of the world that should be included in this index, please use the form below to provide relevant details for inclusion. You can also use the form to inquire about joining any of the projects listed above.