Social – The big misunderstanding

The stereotype that Autists have difficulty with collaboration is the result of a fundamentally different perspective on the purpose of social interaction.

The Autistic understanding of “social”

  1. Naive assumption: “social” refers to 
interaction to learn from each other
  2. Naive assumption: “social” refers to 
collaborating with others towards a shared goal
  3. An Autistic individual may take decades to decode the typical meaning of “social”

The prevalent neuronormative understanding of “social”

  1. Unspoken assumption: “social” refers to negotiating social status and power gradients
  2. Unspoken assumption: “social” refers to competing against each other using culturally defined rules
  3. A typical individual may take decades to appreciate non-social interests

Aut Collab has been set up as a platform for Autistic collaboration and as a platform for sharing the results of Autistic collaboration.


4 thoughts on “Social – The big misunderstanding

  1. I have never read this point more aptly and concisely put. The grand poetic vision that is Finite and Infinite Games, a book by James P. Carse, refracts this sort of idea in many different directions, wonderfully I think, but here you’ve made it manifest. Thank you! I would love to collaborate in some way. For a couple of decades I’ve struggled to find some little bit of success as a creative writer, but again and again I’ve encountered this dichotomy/disparity between “social” understandings.

  2. […] collaboration involves sharing of knowledge and working towards a shared goal of generating new levels of knowledge and understanding. The individual innate moral compass […]

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