Individuals, ventures, and projects

committed to long-term collaboration:

If you are part of a mutual support and Autistic/neurodiversity self-advocacy community, please get in touch with relevant details, and we will add the organisation to our index or organisations, projects, and services!

The AutCollab Discord server is our tool for coordinating all Autistic Collaboration projects and related activities. Please request access on the contact page. You are invited to join, contribute to our projects and initiatives, and explore new project ideas with the AutCollab community.

  1. Only members can see who is in the group.
  2. You can remain as private as you prefer or need to be.
  3. To avoid information overload, we have set up a dedicated channel for each project team, so that each team can focus their project, and we will set up further channels as needed to support new project ideas that are gaining momentum and committed supporters.

Online activism

For online advocacy and activism in more general terms, i.e. not necessarily focused on specific projects, you can also publish articles via Neuroclastic or join The Autistic Cooperative.