Amanda Sutton

You do not get to name me
You do not have that Power
I need no name – I AM
Evolving, transcending, fluid
I am not a fixed point
I cannot be pinned down or defined
Like quicksilver
Like the wind I move from breeze through to squall
Via gusty breaths
Then become a sigh

I am colour, am light, am pattern
I cannot be described
You cannot sum me up
And your arrogant attempts
Will bounce straight back at you

I am Mystery
Do not think that you know
Who or what I am
Where I come from

I am always doing a New Thing

Yet there is no ‘I’
I am wave, am particle,
Am bird, am sky, am flower, am fox
Am green shoots pushing up through tarmac
Through cracks in the wall
Am tree poking through the roof of the abandoned house
Am bush growing wild on the vacant lot

The Edge is where Life is
Where Stories happen
Where Truth is told
Where Grief and Struggle and Wild Joy

At the Edge
We hold each others’ hands
So as not to fall
But we are not afraid
We stare into the Abyss
And know that we are here
Because of it

Here we speak of Love, of Truth, of Freedom
And these are the only Names we need.

Amanda Sutton

January 2022