A mosaic of Autistic lenses

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My inspiration for this project comes from the multi-lens structure found in the compound eyes of insects, where each lens captures a unique perspective. The objective is to create a library of authentic Autistic voices as a counterbalance to the diagnostic language used by the medical profession and the autism industry. Individual Autistic experiences are revealed by clicking on the images in the mosaic.

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To participate in this project, please email me (Sarah.Bettin@gmail.com) or use the form below. You can use email to submit a picture or include a link to a picture in the submission form.

The aim of the project is to collect and publish as many as possible individually unique Autistic perspectives on what constitutes the essence of Autistic ways of being, free of any medical jargon or pathologising terminology, in the following format:

  • A summary of what constitutes the core of your Autistic experience in about 300 to 1,000 words. This could be a poem or prose, in your own words and style, a description of the world through your own Autistic lens.
  • A photo / picture of yourself or something else that is important to you.

Submitted work is published online on this website as part of the mosaic above. The individual Autistic narratives are revealed by clicking on the images in the mosaic. If you wish, I will include a link to your website or blog below your text.

Due to the prevailing stigmatisation of Autistic people, authors may choose to remain anonymous.

I am looking forward to the emerging mosaic!

Sarah Bettin