They’re all around but not like me

I wear a mask and try so hard

To learn their words, the things they say

To copy faces, games they play

Subtle failings mark me out

But still I try to be like them

So hard to whistle, tie a lace

Alone I knot and not again

And purse my lips to no avail

And all the effort, borrowed smiles

Make no difference, emphasize

That I am different, don’t fit in

‘A retard from the loony bin’

I’m much too stupid, much too bright

I don’t play games, don’t want to fight

I come from someplace, not from here

A stranger in this stranger land

A place called Normal in a tongue

I don’t quite speak or understand

Rock my head and count the tiles

Upon the ceiling or the lights

Which sweep across the twilight skies

A cosmos in a grain of sand

That they don’t see or comprehend

Safe in my world, my perfect place

Behind the mask that hides my face

And from the windows to my soul

The lights shine bright, but no one’s home


25 September 2018