Morgan Constance

the joy of being

knitting a rug is
weaving the fabric of the universe
reading intuiting the multiverses
the warp and the weft
the bending of time
the rainbow of colours
the multiple patterns
the spectrum of possibilities and probabilities
reflecting the diversity of galaxial life
inanimate and animate
quantum to universal

when I imagine the joy of life
I see the rippling of time
gravitational moulding expansion and contraction
eternal movement

knitting this rug was nine months
the time of a human pregnancy
a womb creation
where womb is the inner space heart of creation
of all entities
animate and inanimate
quantum to macro

knitting a rug is
the choice to create rather than destroy
where merging galaxies are not anthromorphized with human violence
but galaxies doing what galaxies do
quanta being what quanta be

creating and recreating in an endless spiral
life shaping and reshaping
in colours even beyond human ken

knitting a rug requires mindfulness
connection with the inner self
connection with the universe
singing in cappellan chorus

knitting a rug is an act of meditation
humans are in and of the universe
we are quanta and quanta are us

this is the joy of life

morgan constance

wurundjeri woi wurrung and bunurong land yulin nation (melbourne australia)
31 december 2021ce

constance is my adopted matrilinear name honouring my mother and grandmother whom I strongly suspect were both undiagnosed autists. i am the third eldest daughter of the eldest daughter. i am a late self-referred diagnosis at the age of 67 in 2018ce after self-identification some months earlier.

(for the practically minded the rug including border measures just over 1.5×1.3metres. acrylic worsted yarn knitted on 3.5mm needles. 22x100gm hanks of yarn [2.2kg total weight]. acrylic yarn gives more vivid colours and is not cost prohibitive on my income with sincere apologies to the environment. the 42 squares were knitted independently and stitched together, then the border added last. the mosaic patterns for the squares come from the book by barbara g walker
[1976/2018] mosaic knitting usa schoolhouse press)