Seth L Benjamin

Title: ‘Popping 2017’

Medium: Fineliner and Felt Pen

Size: A3

Date: October, 2017

Seth: ‘If I am going to be completely honest with you about this piece, I must say that I can’t fully explain where the inspiration for this came from; due to the nature of my Autistic ideas and words come to me faster than my body can fully process them. For this reason I often talk and draw quicker than most, with little care for what I am saying or if I’m sticking to my original visual ideas. This is one of the reasons why I only draw in pen, as it help me stays focused on what I am doing and it helps to adhere to the philosophy of there being no mistakes in art.

However all this being said I can tell you that this image denotes the delusionary excitement one has whilst drinking heavy amounts of alcohol and it connotes my own feelings.  As to be fully honest in the past when I have drunken alcohol I have to say that I feel normal and camouflaged into the surroundings of others, but I know this is only the effects of inebriations that end up popping the cork off my head.’

Seth L Benjamin

8 July 2021