Will Trusewich

I’m at the end of my 11th year of knowing.

Approaching 62, I’ve all but retired from a 38 year career as a marine biologist.

Glad to be out of the rat race.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of compartmentalising my characteristics as medicalised deficits or gifts, so I won’t.

It’s just me in the beginning and end.

An interesting life.

I have a complete filmic memory of my entire life back to toddlerhood.

As a kid I would send mental messages to my adult self and I recall them.

I felt my bones growing.

I marvelled closely at insects, just like Edward Wilson, the father of sociobiology.

I later worked on a project which somehow got to his institute and I was invited to stay in touch but didn’t.

I imagined the IPad as a kid while my friends played stickball.

Mom always said I delved too deeply.

While later pursuing meditation, I chanted myself into a state where the corporate nurse could not get a blood pressure reading and I weighed zero on a weight scale.

In my early work life, I would be so immersed in multiple problem solving that I could feel an aura from my head blazing like fire to the sky.

Once dxd, I took part in a university study and they concluded that I had highly unique ideas all day and every day of which 98% of all people will never have one of in their entire lives.

Yet I’ve lived a normal life, have four wonderful daughters and a loving partner, done some good innovative work for the planet to try to slow this sixth great extinction event we have caused, I’m a good fine artist and creative writer and enjoy organising community for a better world.

Old friends are with me lifelong but the need to socialise has diminished through time and experience.

I practise being one with everything.

I saw both my parents through their passings, a real gift to me from them.

As I approach the end of this time here, I see some of myself in my first, yet now, only granddaughter.

That is so beautiful.

Not that I go on, but that she goes on in these curious trips around the sun, the galaxy and in the love for this fantastic adventure.

My dog now wants a cuddle.

Will Trusewich

8 May 2021