Replacing the DSM with the Neurodiversity Paradigm and Autistic Culture

This panel discussion is part of the Intersectional Infinity Summit, March 27 to April 2, 2022

Neurodivergent perspectives on the importance of replacing the DSM with the neurodiversity paradigm, and on the practical implications for Autistic culture in our local geographies (US, UK, Canada, Aotearoa). The panellists reflect on the implicit cultural bias that is baked into the DSM, and how this bias perpetuates the matrix of domination, which can be traced back to the beginnings of the colonial era, and through to the emergence of hierarchically organised human civilisations.


  1. Karen Timm, Neurodivergent Infinity Network of Educators, Canada
  2. Tim Beck, Landmark College, United States
  3. Stellan Kersey, Landmark College, United States
  4. Quinn Dexter, Autistic Collaboration Trust, United Kingdom
  5. Jorn Bettin, Autistic Collaboration Trust, Aotearoa

Background from the perspective of the Autistic community

  1. A communal definition of Autistic ways of being
  2. NeurodiVentures and healthy Autistic whānau / families
  3. Autistic trauma peer support
  4. The continuously shifting justifications for pathologising Autistic ways of being
  5. From pseudo-philosophical psychiatrists to openly Autistic culture
  6. Towards comprehensive bans of all forms of conversion therapies
  7. Education in the ND paradigm and Autistic culture for healthcare professionals