Dandenong Mechanics’ Institute

For many years the members of the Dandenong Mechanics’ Institute in Victoria (Australia) have been engaged in intensive autistic collaboration, providing a safe workspace for autistic innovators. Over the last few years team members have developed a number of new technology prototypes.

The Dandenong Mechanics’ Institute welcomes new team members, in particular individuals with complementary skills for further technology development and commercialisation. The following skills are of particular interest:

  1. PIC programming and board construction, to address specific project requirements in consultation with the current design team.
  2. Aerodynamic design and structural design, to address specific project and knowledge transfer requirements.
  3. Manufacturing of components needed to complete projects already in development, in particular to establish a scalable production facility for post-prototype production of commercial products.
  4. Creative thinking skills, to explore further use cases or derivative programs for the technologies developed to date.
  5. Marketing assistance and organisational design skills related to the development and sales of commercial products.

Many of the projects undertaken draw on the deep skills of of the team in designing and developing small frame jet engines with a uniquely simple and rugged modular design.


The PIC controller designed for the task of engine management has many and varied control applications in other fields such as motor control, system control and interface, robotics, as well as general automotive applications.

Below is an overview of the prototypes and designs that the Dandenong Mechanics’ Institute is exploring to further develop into commercial products:

A family of jet powered motorcycles

The class of jet engines developed by the team has been used to design and prototype a family of high end boutique motorcycles. The Jetbike application has limited market prospects, but has a high public profile that showcases the team’s ability.

The Jetbike team have also developed a related jet powered dragster.

To date no other company has been able to successfully develop a mid size jet engine with similar qualities. The developed jet engine technology has the potential to dominate a specific niche in the market with a range of possible applications beyond motorcycles. The Jetbike is a first of many potential applications of the technology.

An ultralight high performance aircraft

As a result of the experience gained from developing and testing the Jetbike, the jet engine technology is now being applied to design and develop a small, low cost, easy to build and maintain, ultralight high performance aircraft.

Jet plane.png

Considering the types of aircraft currently in production, which command very high prices and are much sought-after by private and commercial entities, the market for this type of aircraft is significant.

Lightweight and powerful marine engines

The rugged and modular jet engine design is also envisaged to be used and marketed in a series of small, lightweight and powerful marine engines. Small marine jet engines have many benefits in recreational boating applications, enabling the use of more safe and environmentally friendly fuels with significant weight and space saving capabilities for power output.


The autistic innovation team at the Dandenong Mechanics’ Institute is also developing ideas and designs for other types of technologies and products that are completely unrelated to jet engines.

If you are interested in learning more about the prototypes and projects currently under development, or if you would like to join or assist the autistic innovation team at the Dandenong Mechanics’ Institute, please use the form below.