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Rather than therapies to ‘reduce autistic behaviours’, Autistic children need to be supported in the full development of their unique Autistic potential, and need to be encouraged to follow their intrinsic motivations to explore the world.

The most valuable step that non-autistic parents of Autistic children can undertake is to connect with and learn from the adult Autistic community. For an Autistic person the pathway towards good company is distinctly different from the life trajectory mapped out by the expectations of mainstream culture. It’s ‘autism’ and not OUGHTism.

Te Hapori Whai Takiwātanga o Aotearoa is an Autistic community initiative coordinated by the Autistic Collaboration Trust. Te Hapori Whai Takiwātanga o Aotearoa offers education about Autistic culture from a first hand perspective and it provides a safe environment where parents and educators can connect with Autistic parents and the wider Autistic community.


  1. Communal definition of Autistic ways of being
  2. Introduction to Autistic ways of being
  3. Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Support for parents, connect with Autistic parents
  2. Education in the ND paradigm, the ND movement, and Autistic culture

Campaigns / projects

  1. Ban of conversion therapies
  2. A mosaic of Autistic lenses
  3. Neurodiversity celebration week
  4. #TakeTheMaskOff, an international campaign dedicated to masking
  5. Me.Decoded
  6. Strengthening the local neurodiversity movement, Auckland, Aotearoa


  1. On the ND paradigm, the ND movement, and Autistic culture
  2. On Autistic wellbeing