Nicnac Marsh

I am separate from most of the world. I’ve rarely fit.

I use systems to get by. I am like a computer app still in beta. There are bugs. Sometimes I crash and I need to escape to the desktop.

Other times I work like a charm.

In the safety of my dark cave I write and speak into the mic. Talking, writing and researching it all till It makes sense.

It’s fun and easy. It is me in the zone.

I speak knowledge. I know it. Most people don’t get it.

It is hard to translate to the right words. That takes a lot of time and energy.

The systems of the world are beautiful. It all relates.

I am somehow connected with others that share my type of mind. I seek nothing but that shared mind. It’s just beginning. The knowledge is growing. I know our minds can join to be appreciated with time.

Nicnac Marsh

16 June 2021